We have a large robust database of waterfront properties for the entire province of British Columbia. The database includes both tourism accommodations and recreational residential properties that are located on these water bodies. Our database covers everything from “Location” and “Site Characteristics” to “Business and Sales Details” for each unique property. Some productivity tools include: the ability to do a geographical map search of the province of BC and print any results directly to a PDF.

Our powerful search engine and robust database allow us to implement the desired analysis that is required for our clients. See Below for an intuitive look into our database.


Outsourced Solution:

We are flexible to our clients needs and can handle requests from small research assignments to large multi dimensional business solutions. Our team of specialists create tailored business solutions at a competitive fee and in a timely fashion. These solutions not only save clients money, they allow them to focus on high impact activities.

We offer a step-based money back guarantee and flexible financing options to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services and to encourage a sustainable business relationship.


Search Tool:

Here is an example of the search capabilities of our database:

Land and Location Details

Land and Location Detials

Site and Improvement Details

Site and Improvement Details

Business and Sales Details

Business and Sales Details


Search Results:


map search


Waterfront Property Page:

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node page



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